Some Concerns Regarding Modern Christian Music

Some concerns regarding modern Christian music:

  1. The music played by stations like K-love is (or was, I stopped listening in about 2015) overwhelmingly about what God can do for the Christian and about his love for the Christian. There is very little sung about topics such as repentance or the wrath of God. While it is true that God does wonderful things for the believer, this seems dangerously unbalanced and self-focused.
  2. The Christian music industry seems to have a high tolerance for bad doctrine. For instance, see Lauren Daigle’s unwillingness to hold to biblical doctrine when pressed on homosexuality, or the participation of artists like Skillet, Lecrae, Hillsong United, Francesca Battistelli, NeedToBreathe, and For King & Country on the soundtrack for The Shack, a book and movie with theological errors that are clear, deep and significant.
  3. Especially in the realms of rap, rock, and metal, there are many “Christian” artists who are producing a product that is “Christian” only in the sense that it doesn’t glory in cocaine, hookers, or blood sacrifices to Satan. In some cases, it seems like “Christian” bands are trying to be even darker, angrier, and more tormented than the pagans (see Skillet, Red, or Demon Hunter). This is concerning not only because it is so at odds with what Christ calls us to be, but also because it is absolutely possible to make very good music in these genres that is distinctly and unapologetically Christian (see Shai Linne or Theocracy).

These concerns do not mean that all artists that call themselves Christian are self-focused, lukewarm, or heretical. There are some who have produced edifying and doctrinally sound music for many years. I am, however, concerned that much Christian music is indicative of, and even fostering, a culture wherein being selfish and worldly is very comfortable, and where sound doctrine is neither held nor defended.

Note: In regards to point #3, I am not saying that it is sin to listen to music made by pagans. I would be a gross hypocrite if I did. Christian liberty allows us many freedoms (and some restrictions, see 1 Corinthians chapters 8 and 10).  I am saying that we should be very concerned when Christians look just like pagans, only cleaner or nicer.

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